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  • 3 Tips for Marketing to CBD Consumers Now

Now is the time to make a big push with your CBD marketing efforts. Through a survey that we conducted recently, we found that lots of consumers are curious about CBD and are willing to give products a try.

If you can capture the attention of this interested and engaged segment early on in their research process and remain top-of-mind with them as they continue to learn more about CBD, yours just might be the brand they decide on when they eventually choose to make a purchase.

The key to marketing to CBD consumers is ensuring that you have a strategy in place to reach them all along their journey. These three tips can help you stay in front of the right consumers with the right messaging at the right time.

Get Discovered Early with SEO

CBD consumers are extremely brand-loyal. We found that 66% of CBD users we surveyed try to use the same brand every time.

That means it’s important to be one of the first CBD brands consumers discover. If you’re there right when they begin their search, you’ll find yourself on their shortlist of brands they’re considering.

That’s why a killer SEO strategy is important for getting discovered early in a consumer’s research phase. A strong on-page SEO strategy can help you rank for a number of relevant terms, and your products will come up when consumers search for specific CBD items.

You can also optimize your educational content to perform better in more general CBD-related searches. If you create content that’s designed to educate consumers about some of their most common questions around CBD, you give your brand more opportunities to get discovered early and become an authority in the CBD space.

Build Trust with Branded Content

Once SEO gets your name out there early with consumers, the next step is developing a smart branded content strategy to build knowledge and position your brand alongside trusted publications. Branded content provides an opportunity to connect with your audience beyond the bounds of your own online presence.

Sure, interested consumers have visited your website and seen you on social media, but branded content means that you’ll be seen elsewhere in their lives. When your name begins popping up alongside publications they already know and trust, you’ll claim a spot on their shortlist.

Branded content can and should be fun and engaging, too. From quizzes to infographics to videos, creative campaigns that are grounded in storytelling can take consumer interest in your brand to the next level.

And because branded content isn’t directly selling a product, but rather sharing information backed by a compelling story, this content is designed to be shared. Consumers who are researching CBD will share your informational content with friends and family who have had similar questions, and your audience will grow further.

Plus, your brand will become the authority on CBD for these consumers. If they find your content informative and helpful, they’ll grow to trust what you have to say (and, by extension, what your products can do).

Stay Top-of-Mind with Targeted Display

By now, you’ve done a lot of the hard work. You’ve captured the attention of consumers early in their research phase, and you’ve provided even more valuable, confidence-building information by aligning yourself with brands they already know and trust.

But they might not be ready to make a purchase right away, and that’s why it’s critical that you stay top-of-mind while they make their final decision. Targeted display ads can help you do that.

Targeted display allows you to direct your advertising at the audiences that are most relevant for your products. You can aim your spend at those who have already interacted with your brand and include other consumers with similar attributes.

And when you find a marketing partner like LOCALiQ, you can tap into an incredible network that allows you to get granular about who and where you target. As part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, we offer brands access to an audience that’s 125 million people strong and growing. And because the USA TODAY NETWORK family includes hundreds of local weekly and daily publications, you’ll be able to direct your ad spend at the segments of the population that are most relevant to your brand.

No need to worry about spreading your ad spend too thin. We can create a strategy that reaches only those most engaged consumers.

When you continue to advertise through targeted display, you remain top-of-mind with consumers who have already discovered your brand. This positions you at the top of their list of CBD sellers and makes it all the more likely that yours is the brand they’ll finally settle on when they decide to make their first purchase.

It can be difficult to reach CBD consumers. Restrictions on how CBD brands can advertise sometimes makes it challenging to get in front of the right people at the right time. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help get your CBD marketing efforts off the ground, reach out today.

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