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  • 74 Eye-Catching & Revenue-Boosting Email Subject Lines for Sales

Whether you run a product-based or service-based business, promotional email subject lines can be some of the trickiest to write. With high-tech spam filters, separate promotional email inboxes, and mandatory email marketing laws to follow, just getting in front of your audience can seem like breaking through Fort Knox. Effective email marketing for small business owners starts with sales email subject lines that work.

Thirty-five percent of people open emails based on the subject line alone, so your email subject lines for sales should be compelling enough to make prospects click.

But, what does it take to create those subject lines, and how do you know what subject lines will entice your audience to click open? Lucky for you, we’re sharing 70+ of the best email subject lines for sales and promotions.

Best subject lines for sales: Table of contents

Click on the type of email subject line you’re looking for, or scroll through for the full enchilada.


What makes a sales email subject line effective?

Effective email subject lines for sales are the ones that people open. If no one opens your emails, they’re not effective. Make your email subject lines enticing by offering a discount, limited-time promotion, or sale on select services.

The three fundamental questions you have to ask yourself before sending off your perfectly packaged promotional email are these:

  • Does it offer an incentive?
  • Does it create urgency?
  • Is it short?

Trying to pack a punch in just a few words may sound tough, but in a fast-paced and mobile-driven society, these criteria are essential to have in your sales email subject lines. It’s important to get your audience’s attention fast, then follow through with content that delivers on what your subject line has promised.


Email subject lines for friends and family sales

Run friend and family sales for loyal customers or to increase referrals to new customers. Here are some examples of friends and family email subject lines:

  • Friends & Family Week: 25% off all services
  • Share the love – refer someone and get next service FREE!
  • Our Gift to You – $10 Promotional Gift Card
  • Coupon Code for $25 off $100 purchase
  • Free Gift to the first 100 visitors
  • $5 Deal Day! Get ‘Em While You Can!
  • Loyalty Members: 40% off today!
  • Hey, you! Thanks for being our friend. Here’s 20% off ?
  • Insiders Only Savings Event! (Get your code inside)
  • A sneak peek at our sale for your eyes only ?
  • We treat our friends like family: 25% off EVERYTHING

You can use a subject line grader on your subject lines for sales to make sure they're compelling.

You can use a subject line grader, like this one, to check your subject lines before sending them to sales prospects.


Email subject lines for time-sensitive sales

Limited-time offers are a great way to inspire immediate action (and purchases!). Here are some examples of the best email subject lines for sales that manage to capture attention, offer an incentive, and create urgency:

  • Because We Love You – Flash Sale Today!
  • 1-DAY ONLY Doorbusters!
  • Breaking News! $25 off Today Only!
  • EXTENDED! 48-Hour Sale – 10% Off Coupon
  • One Day Left: Hotel Sale
  • Hot Savings for 3 Days ONLY!
  • Just two more days for 20% off!
  • Don’t miss this: 50% off for ONE MORE DAY!
  • Counting down the hours… 50% off won’t last ⏰
  • Set your alarm for our sales event!

Time-sensitive subject lines for sales that are time-sensitive should create a sense of urgency.

Email Source


Email subject lines for holiday sales

The holidays and other events are great for email marketing. Here are some subject lines for holiday marketing emails or event themed sales:

  • #NationalDrinkWineDay – 15% Off Your Favorites!
  • We’re thankful for our customers: Coupon Inside
  • Cyber Monday Madness — Everything on Sale!
  • 7 Spa Treatments to Put You on the “Nice List”
  • Check everyone off your list (and save!)
  • Start your New Year Off Right — 25% off Spa Packages
  • Free Gift! Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!
  • Wear green to get 25% off for St. Patrick’s Day! (More March email subject lines here!)
  • How We’re Giving Back in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Our Memorial Day Savings Event is on FIRE ?
  • Holiday weekend = BIG SAVINGS

Use these tips for your email subject lines for holiday sales.

Email Source


Email subject lines for seasonal sales

Changing seasons is the perfect excuse for a good flash sale. Here are some weather-related sales subject lines to get you started:

  • Snow Day SALE!
  • $2 off for every inch of snow!
  • Bundle up with savings: Look inside for details ?
  • Winter is coming – we’ve got a sale!
  • Warm-up to savings!
  • Fall in love with these savings ?
  • We’re falling for this sale: BOGO!
  • Cool off with a SALE
  • Can’t take the heat? How about this sale?
  • Our summer sales event is heating up ?
  • Savings too cool to miss for back to school ?

Use these weather-related and seasonal email subject lines for sales to get people to take advantage of your inventory.

Email Source

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Email subject lines for sales for every industry

Looking for email subject lines for your industry’s sales and promotions? We’ve got you covered!

Finance and investment industry subject lines

For small business owners in finance, insurance, and real estate industries, your sample marketing plans may include free consultations, no up-front fees, or discounted add-on policies to incentivize an up-sell. Try using promotion email subject lines like these:

  • We’ll do your taxes for $50
  • Tax season is here! Let us help
  • Get out of debt! FREE credit counseling session
  • Say Goodbye to your PMI
  • Free Service Upgrade — get more for less!

Use these tips for finance-related email subject lines for sales to get new customers during tax season.

Email Source

Fitness studio sales email subject lines

Offering low rates or introductory discounts on memberships and services can get you increased foot traffic as part of your fitness marketing strategy.

  • 14 Days of Yoga for $14
  • 2 weeks unlimited classes for $50
  • Our 5 Year Anniversary—$5 off every November class
  • $0 Enrollment Fee–Membership Sale
  • First Cycling Class is FREE!
  • Give us a try for FREE (no catch!)

Use these email subjects lines for sales related to your fitness business.

Email Source

Salon and spa sales subject lines

Entice people to visit your salon or spa by sending out relevant timely emails for specials or promotions. This is a great way to fill your quiet weeks during school vacation or other slow times.

  • $50 massage today at 12:30 pm
  • Grand Opening Sale: 25% off all services
  • $30 Massages! 1 Day Only!
  • Say hello to a new you — $49 women’s hair cuts
  • Share the love. Get 50% off when you refer someone this month!

Use these spa and salon-related email subject lines for sales to get new customers with email marketing.

Email Source

Travel industry email subject lines

Want to thank your previous customers for using you in the past? or encourage them to make another purchase. Try these travel sales email subject lines:

  • Review your vacation and get 30% off your next booking!
  • Pre-Summer Sale on 4th of July travel
  • 11 Great Deals for the Next 2 Days
  • Tell us more & get $50 off your next trip
  • We miss you! Get 25% off your next booking with us
  • Make memories (with a discount!)–30% off your next trip

Email Subject Lines

Email Source

Dentist email subject lines 

Whether you want to incentivize your patients to come in for their checkup, let patients know about any special promotions you’re running, or get new patients through the door, try these email subject lines for dentists:

  • Here’s a reason to smile: FREE teeth whitening
  • Refer a friend: Get a $50 Amazon gift card
  • It’s time for your cleaning! Come in for a free electric toothbrush
  • BOGO teeth whitening treatments this month!
  • We love that smile! 40% off any service ?

Use these dentist email marketing subject lines for sales to get new patients or bring in existing ones.

Email Source

Home services subject lines for sales

We couldn’t leave out our friends in the home services industry! Use these email subject line ideas to rake in new customers and get in front of existing ones.

  • Book now, save later: 25% off summer services!
  • Plumbing problem? Let us fix it — deal inside!
  • 5 big discounts you won’t want to miss this month
  • We want your feedback! $50 for your thoughts

Use these email subject lines for sales related to your HVAC or service business.

Email Source


Get started with the best email subject lines for sales and promotions

You can modify any of these promotional email subject lines to fit your business and the promotion or sale you’re offering. Successful email marketing campaigns require great content but always start with a solid subject line. These subject lines should give you some examples of the best email subject lines for your sales promotions.

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