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  • 70 June Email Subject Line Ideas for Beachy-Keen Results

Have you ever shown a hairstylist, a contractor, or an artist a picture of what you wanted before you paid for a service? Or, perhaps you looked at what your competitor was doing before you rolled out a campaign? Inspiration always has to come from somewhere.

june email subject lines - meme of cake coming out good based on picture

This example shows how using inspiration from others can improve your own outcome!

However, finding inspiration for emails as a small business can be challenging. Every strategy out there is looking to achieve different KPIs. That’s why we’ve put together this big list of June email subject line ideas and tips—covering everything you need to know for your summer email marketing, like:

  • June email subject line tips to remember this month.
  • Examples of email subject lines your business can use this June.
  • June email subject line ideas for newsletters, holidays, and more.

Of course, your email subject lines may look different from our ideas below. But our goal is to make life easier for busy business owners by providing that crucial inspiration you need to see summer email success.


Our top June email subject line tips

As you’re thinking about your email marketing strategy for summer, be mindful of these email subject line tips:

Avoid spam triggers

Your email must land in an inbox in order for it to be effective. The last thing you want is for your audience to miss out on your email because it ended up in their spam folder.

While you’ll want to include power words in your email subject line, you don’t want your email to appear illegitimate. However, sometimes having “spammy” sounding words is inevitable when you’re promoting a new product sale, a contest or giveaway, or anything in between. We recommend keeping that information within the content inside your email or your pre-header text to ensure your subject line stays neutral.

There are specific words that are more likely to be spam triggers than others, so use our handy list below to know what to avoid:

june email subject lines - chart of spam triggers list

Always include a CTA

One way to not only make your email subject lines seem more legitimate but also to make them more effective is to have a purpose in them. Refer back to your business’s goals and objectives to help identify what actions your audience should be taking when they see your email. Including a clear call to action in your June email subject lines will help turn your subscribers into customers this month.

june email marketing ideas - example of email subject line with two strong call-to-action phrases

Keep to the four C’s: clear, concise, consistent, creative

There are a few more email subject line best practices you won’t want to forget, so we broke them down into an easy-to-remember four C’s structure: clear, concise, consistent, and creative. Here’s what the four C’s should mean for your business’s email marketing plan:

  • Clear: Always state your email’s purpose.
  • Concise: You’ll need to stay under a certain number of characters to avoid your email getting cut off across certain devices or email platforms. Save our image below to know what your email subject line max character count should be.
  • Consistent: Brand consistency matters when it comes to your email subject lines. Be sure that the voice and tone of your email copywriting matches that of your brand’s style guide.
  • Creative: While you’ll want to avoid spam triggers, keeping your email subject line eye-catching will drive up your open rates. For example, you might include your recipient’s first name for a more personalized feel. Or, try out an emoji to help your business stand out.

june email subject lines - chart of character counts for popular email services


June email subject lines by industry

Regardless of what niche market your business is in, you’re sure to find an email subject line muse within this list:

June email subject line ideas for dental offices

Turn your patients’ frowns upside down with these catchy June email subject lines:

  1. We’re All Smiles at L.M. Orthodontics ?
  2. Get Ahead: Book Your Summer Appointments
  3. Put down the popsicle & pick up the toothbrush
  4. Get a White-Hot Summer Smile

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Use these dentist email marketing subject lines for sales to get new patients or bring in existing ones.


June email subject line ideas for healthcare

Your healthcare marketing will be as smooth as a summer breeze with these June email subject line ideas:

  1. How to Have a Healthy Summer
  2. Sunshine & Feeling Fine: Our Summer Health Tips
  3. The Weather is Heating Up! So Should Your Health Habits ?
  4. Don’t Sweat Your Appointment! Our Booking Tips

June email subject line ideas for education

When it comes to education marketing, you’ll want to work smarter not harder by trying these email subject line ideas:

  1. Learning doesn’t stop in summer…
  2. Summer Break! How We’re Spending It
  3. School’s Out! But Our Latest Updates Are In ?‍?
  4. Jump for Joy! June Activities Just Announced

june email subject lines - example email from higher education institute relating to summer


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June email subject line ideas for real estate

Use these June email subject line ideas for real estate marketing to turn buyers and renters into eager clients:

  1. It’s yard SZN! Check out these gorgeous landscape inspirations
  2. Don’t Want to Mow? We’ve Got Full-Service Rentals Just for You
  3. Maria, We’ve Got Hot Homes Handpicked for You ?
  4. Is Summer the Best Time to Buy? Our Experts Weigh In ?

june email marketing ideas - example of real estate summer email content

An example of seasonal real estate email content. 

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June email subject line ideas for home services

When it comes to marketing your home services business, you want to grow your brand while also maintaining a steady flow of new business. Here are a few email subject lines to help:

  1. Let Us Melt Away Your Home DIY Worries
  2. Keith, Is your lawn ready for summer?
  3. Get Our Top Tips for Your Next Summer Project ?
  4. Is Your House Heating Up? We Can Help Keep It Cool ?

June email subject line ideas for recruitment

Attracting top talent in 2022 is now more challenging than ever before. Try these email subject line ideas to help your business get ahead of the curve:

  1. Hot Interview Tips We Swear By
  2. How to Heat Up Your Summer Job Search
  3. Retire Your Recruiting Woes & Let Us Help

Related: Check out our ultimate 30-60-90 day recruitment marketing plan.

june email subject lines - recruiting email sample

June email subject line ideas for automotive

Whether you’re a multi-location franchise dealer or a local repair shop, here are a few ideas to get your automotive email wheels turning:

  1. Cooling Seats, Sunroofs, & More at Tom’s Auto
  2. From Beach to BBQ, Our Cars Get You to What Matters ?
  3. Don’t Drive Without A/C this Summer. We Can Help

june email marketing ideas - example of automotive industry email


June email subject line ideas for restaurants

Stay ahead of the fierce competition with these email subject line ideas that are sure to boost your restaurant marketing:

  1. Summer Sips & Dips at Mia’s Taqueria
  2. Sweet New Summer Menu Available June 1-30
  3. Refreshing Drinks & Summer Dishes to Match All Season Long ?
  4. Summer Sun Calls for Brunch on the Patio at Pat’s Diner

june email marketing ideas - example email from restaurant industry

B2B email subject lines for June

Stand out in busy inboxes with these B2B email subject line ideas:

  1. Got a Problem? We’ve Got a Solution
  2. Dealing with a Summer Slump? We Can Help
  3. 2022 Is Already Halfway Done? Here’s What’s Next
  4. How June Impacts Your 2022 KPIs
  5. 4 Tips to Make Your Q2 Matter

Related: Read our guide on killer B2B social media marketing.

E-commerce email subject lines for June

Shoppers are ready to spend now that many major holidays are over, so take advantage of your time to shine with these e-commerce email subject line ideas:

  1. Beat the Heat! Our Catalog is All Online
  2. Super Summer Styles to Look Out For
  3. Beachy-keen products you’ll love

june email subject lines - online retailer email for summer


June holiday email subject lines for any business

If you don’t want industry-specific email subject lines, there are plenty of June holidays you can frame your emails around:

  1. R.Yes.V.P. ? Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month With Us (Pride Month, June 1-30; get Pride Month marketing tips here!)
  2. Cue The “Jurassic Park” Theme… (Dinosaur Day, June 1)
  3. What We Learned from Mom and Dad (Global Day of Parents, June 1)
  4. Make a Splash with New Summer Colors at Sally’s Salon ? (National Nail Polish Day, June 1)
  5. Seam Up Summer Styles at The Tailor Shop Medford (National Tailors Day, June 1)
  6. We’re Calling It a Day (And You Should Too) (Leave the Office Early Day, June 2)
  7. These Patient Testimonials Have Us Blushing (National “I Love My Dentist” Day, June 2)
  8. Who Wants Breakfast? ? (June 3, Egg Day)
  9. Say “Cheese!” (National Cheese Day, June 4)
  10. Stand Up to Cancer With Us! ? (National Cancer Survivors Day, June 5)
  11. Jamie, Go Green with Us! ♻️ (World Environment Day, June 5)
  12. How we’re saying thank you to our professors (Higher Education Appreciation Day, June 6)
  13. Chocolate or vanilla? The ultimate showdown (National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, June 7)
  14. Taking a Day for Reflection (Juneteenth, June 19)
  15. To All the Dads Out There… (Father’s Day, June 19)
  16. Take a Moment & Breathe ??‍♀️ (International Yoga Day, June 21)
  17. Set. Smile! ?? (National Selfie Day, June 21)
  18. Hydrate to be great. (National Hydration Day, June 23)
  19. Adorable puppy pics incoming ? (Take Your Dog to Work Day, June 24)
  20. Have You Followed Us on Social Media Yet? (Social Media Day, June 30)

june email subject lines - juneteenth example email



June newsletter email subject lines

June marks the midway point of the year—making it prime time to send out a newsletter. Here are some June newsletter email subject line ideas to keep your strategy as effective as possible:

  1. Don’t Miss Out! Get Our June Insider News
  2. Squeeze the most out of Q2 with these 6 tips
  3. 4 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
  4. Summer Is Just Getting Started & We’re Ready
  5. 3 June Updates We’re Jumping for Joy Over
  6. Quick summer fast facts you won’t want to miss

june email marketing ideas - june email newsletter example



Even more June email subject line ideas

Want even more June email subject lines? We’ve got you covered:

  1. Set. Beach! Sweet Summertime Ideas
  2. Don’t sweat it this summer ? Let us help
  3. Sending Summer Vibes Your Way
  4. Don’t Let Summer Slip Away!
  5. Backyards + BBQs + Beaches = Summer Fun!
  6. Suns Out, Shades On ?

june email subject lines - example of business promoting summer items over email


Slide into summer with ease using these June email subject line ideas

As we approach the mid-point of the year, it can be tough to be creative while also being effective. That’s why using our tips and ideas to fire up your summer email marketing is a shortcut to success. For more help with email, check out our complete guide to targeted email marketing.

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