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  • 91 May Email Subject Lines to Bring in Revenue All Month Long

Cue the cheesy “May the Fourth” jokes…

may email subject lines - picture of baby yoda saying may the fourth be with you

While there is, unfortunately, no magical “force” that can bring you small business success, there is one strategy that can: email marketing. We’ll give you the training you need to become an email Jedi master this May by providing answers to your questions like:

  • Why are email subject lines so important in May?
  • What are the most important things to do with each email?
  • What are good email subject lines your business can use this May?

The email marketing forces within this post are strong, and your business’s email plan is bound to be too!


Why May email subject lines are important

Email marketing should be a part of your marketing plan year-round. However, it can be difficult for businesses to maintain revenue-growing email subject line ideas during the busy spring months. These data points prove that paying attention to your email marketing strategy is worth the extra effort:

  • Your target audience is bound to be on email as the number of global email users is projected to grow to 48 billion users by 2024.
  • Small businesses claim that email marketing is the marketing channel that brings them the highest return on investment.
  • 64% of small businesses say they use email marketing to reach their ideal customers.
  • 47% of email recipients decide to open an email based on the subject line alone.

At the minimum, these statistics prove that your May email subject lines can help you maintain your business’s progress throughout the month. If you still feel like email marketing could be a stretch this May, don’t hesitate to reach out to a marketing partner instead to help empower your strategy.

may email subject lines - people opening emails based off subject lines statistic callout


5 May email subject line tips

Email marketing is something you won’t want to miss out on this May, but how can you make sure each email truly packs a punch? Follow these email subject line tips to make the most out of your May email marketing:

1. Remember the most important part of every email

The most important thing you should do with every email starts with your email subject line: conveying a clear and specific message to your recipient. Be sure your email subject lines make a point and explain what action you’re hoping viewers complete.

For example, if you want to drive traffic to your website, you might use your subject line to tell your audience about what they’ll want to click next.

may email subject lines - example of an email using a strong call to action

This email subject line uses compelling copy that entices viewers to start thinking about their next vacation.

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2. Be concise

Using compelling power words to shine through in your email subject lines means you can say more with less. In fact, 82% of businesses keep their subject lines under 60 characters. A concise email subject line is just as important as a goal-oriented email subject line—especially since over 40% of consumers now open emails on mobile devices. Make your business stand out on limited screen space by keeping to our email subject line character count chart below.

may email subject lines - chart of character counts for popular email services

3. Use emojis, hashtags, and more…

While you’re using a clear and concise call to action in your May email subject lines, you also don’t want to forget to have some fun with your email copywriting. For example, did you know 33% of people will open an email just because they think it has a catchy subject line? Make your subject line pop by using creative elements like emojis or hashtags to see higher open rates.

may email subject lines - example of a brand using emojis in an email subject line

4. …But avoid these words in your email subject lines

Despite wanting to spice up your emails using the tactics mentioned above, there are some words you should not use in an email subject line.

Let’s use an example. Say you’re running a giveaway or contest and want to include the word “free” in the subject line. That will lead to your email being 10% more likely to be opened. However, in contrast, using terms like “guarantee,” “hidden,” or “best price” could seem less genuine in this case and lead your audience to think your email offer is spam.

Choose your promotional words carefully. Some, like “free,” can increase open rates, while others, like the ones in our handy image below, can do the opposite. Since 69% of email recipients report emails as spam solely based on the email subject line, you won’t want to forget this tip.

may email subject lines - list of terms to avoid in email subject lines

Examples of words used in email subject lines that make your brand’s marketing seem like spam.

5. Maintain personalization in your May email subject lines

If you’re short on email subject line ideas for May, a personalized marketing experience is always a great default. You’ll want to include your recipient’s first name in the subject line to foster a higher click-through rate.

You could also kick your email targeting up a notch by segmenting your recipient list. This can help you stand out from competitors, as businesses that have segmented their audiences for email campaigns saw a 760% increase in revenue. This checks out since customers across different stages of the buyer’s journey will be looking for varying email offers.

may email subject lines - example of a personalized email

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May email subject lines for every business

Regardless of your niche market, these May email subject lines are sure to boost your marketing ROI:

  1. Alex, May we help you find something?
  2. R-Yes-V-P to Our Spring Cleaning Event
  3. Smell That? Spring is in the Air!
  4. Never Fear, Spring Is Here!
  5. Warmer Weather = Even Hotter Deals ?
  6. Is It Heating Up or Is It Just Us?
  7. Where Are Those May Flowers We Keep Hearing About?
  8. MAYbe You Should Open This…

may email subject lines - example of a seasonal email subject line

May email subject lines fit for sales

If you need to get folks moving down the sales funnel this month, try these email subject lines for sales:

  1. Giancarlo, May Sales Are Here!
  2. May We Suggest a Specialty Product?
  3. You May Want to Check Out This Deal
  4. Big May Savings All Month Long! Learn More Inside
  5. May Sales You Can’t Miss Now Through 5/31
  6. Magical May Savings Only Available 5/1-5/31
  7. Miraculous May Prices Just Around the Corner
  8. May Price Drop 35% Off!

may email subject lines - spring sales email example


May email subject lines for services

Whether you’re a home services business just starting out in local marketing, a family-owned salon, a growing consultancy, or any services business in between, these May email subject lines are sure to fill your books:

  1. Francesca, How May We Help You?
  2. HOT TAKE: More May Services Than Ever Before!
  3. BREAKING NEWS: May Services Booking Fast!
  4. May We Suggest You Book Now?
  5. Book in May, Save in June
  6. MAYbe We Can Help? Month-Long Assistance
  7. Extra May Appointments Opening 5/1-5/31
  8. Major May Savings Across All Services!

may email subject lines - example of a business promoting services

This service business uses enticing copy and seasonal imagery that fits the monthly theme. 


Even more May email subject lines

Hungry for even more May email subject lines? We’ve got you covered with May email subject lines for all the holidays throughout the month that can boost your small business marketing:

Mother’s Day email subject line ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 8, show the Moms of your business’s community some love with these Mother’s Day email subject lines:

  1. She’s the best, isn’t she? Let her know.
  2. Cameron, A Gift for Mom.
  3. Moms Make the World Go ‘Round! ?
  4. May Mom Discounts All Month Long
  5. Calling All Moms! Special Deals Inside
  6. For the Mother in Your Life…
  7. How We’re Supporting Local Moms
  8. Mother’s Day Can Be Hard for Some, We’re Here for You.
  9. Make Mom Smile All May Long
  10. How to Say “Thanks” To Your Mom
  11. You’re Invited! Mother’s Day May Extravaganza

may email subject lines - mothers day email example

Memorial Day email subject line ideas

Memorial Day marketing can be just as challenging as it is rewarding. Use these Memorial Day email subject line ideas to make your efforts a breeze:

  1. Quit Clicking & Get Grillin’
  2. Monday Off? Yes, Please.
  3. Memorial Day GIVEAWAY!
  4. Memorial Day Your Way
  5. Annual Memorial Day Blowout is Here
  6. Veterans Get a Bonus Gift This Memorial Day
  7. Cleo’s Financial Thanks Local Veterans
  8. How We’re Honoring Memorial Day

may email subject lines - memorial day email example

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Small Business Week email subject line ideas

Small Business Week falls in the first week of May, with National Small Business Day following shortly after on May 10. Use this time to mirror any past Small Business Saturday marketing and leverage these Small Business Week email subject lines as you go:

  1. To all our fellow local businesses, THANK YOU
  2. Summer, Support Small Businesses These Week
  3. Businesses Helping Businesses All Week Long
  4. How-to Guide: Shopping Local for 1 Week
  5. Small Business Week Wins for You! 10-50% Off
  6. Quick! Save Our Small Business Week Calendar
  7. Remembering Our Story During Small Business Week
  8. Nicole, Celebrate Small Businesses with Us!
  9. Shh… Surprises Planned for Each Day of Small Business Week…
  10. Why We’re Small Business Proud
  11. Ameera, Thank You for Supporting a Small Business

may email subject lines - small business week example email


Bonus email subject line ideas for other May holidays

Did you know there are tons more May holidays to choose from when you need a content refresh? Use these fun email subject lines to help your brand stand out in the inbox:

  1. Ahh… A Nice, Cold Cup of Lemonade… (National Lemonade Day, May 1)
  2. Come to Our Pop Up Lemonade Stand at Treevalley Mall (National Lemonade Day, May 1)
  3. Ricky, May the Fourth Be With You… (Star Wars Day, May 4)
  4. 5 Fast Cinco De Mayo Facts (Cinco De Mayo, May 5)
  5. Tacos, Tequila, & Terrific Service at Marylou’s Kitchen (Cinco De Mayo, May 5)
  6. Psst, Want to Know Our Password? (World Password Day, May 5)
  7. Unlock the Password to Success Inside (World Password Day, May 5)
  8. Diet Who? Live It Up with Us Today Only (International No Diet Day, May 6)
  9. I Think We Need Some Space… (National Space Day, May 6)
  10. Out of This World Savings! (National Space Day, May 6)
  11. Join Us for a Fitness Day Challenge (National Fitness Day, May 7)
  12. We’re Pouring You a Big Glass of Fun (National Moscato Day, May 9)
  13. How We’re Thanking Our Local Nurses (International Nurses Day, May 12)
  14. FREE GIFT for Nurses Inside (International Nurses Day, May 12)
  15. How We Can Help You Have Family Fun (International Family Day, May 15)
  16. Our Biggest Day of the Year at Pete’s Bakery (World Baking Day, May 17)
  17. Stars of NASCAR Sales Event (NASCAR Day, May 20)
  18. Warning: Adorable Puppy Pictures Inside (National Rescue Dog Day, May 20)
  19. Ain’t No Party Like a Pizza Party at Strufford’s Law Office (Pizza Party Day, May 20)
  20. To the Armed Forces, We Thank You. (Armed Forces Day, May 21)
  21. Whiskey or Wine? Why Not Both! (World Whiskey Day, May 21)
  22. Shh… Our Secret Paloma Recipe is Hiding Inside… (World Paloma Day, May 22)
  23. With These Deals, You Won’t Need Luck! (Lucky Penny Day, May 23)
  24. Save the Turtles! How We’re Doing Our Part (World Turtle Day, May 23)
  25. Highlights from Our Local Senior Center + How You Can Help (National Senior Health and Fitness Day, May 25)
  26. Our Tips to Beat the Heat (National Heat Awareness Day, May 27)
  27. The #1 Rule of Summer (National Sunscreen Day, May 27)
  28. Just a Note to Make You Smile (National Smile Day, May 31)
  29. Smile Day Deals for New Patients at L&L Dental & Orthodontics (National Smile Day, May 31)

may email subject lines - armed forces day email example

An example of an email that could be used on Armed Forces Day. 

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May newsletter email subject lines

Newsletter emails can be tough as we approach a slower season of the year. Use these easy May newsletter subject lines to skyrocket your email engagement:

  1. 4 May Tips for Monthly Success
  2. Our Summer Planning Guide
  3. Q2 Check-In: How We’re Growing!
  4. Your Ultimate May Must-Have Checklist
  5. Sneak Peek: What’s Coming Up for Summer
  6. How We’re Making May Our Best Month Yet
  7. May Madness: Hot Updates for You
  8. Meaningful May Moments We’re Recapping

may email subject lines - may newsletter example


Unleash the power of May email subject lines onto your spring calendar

Even a few strong May email subject lines could turn your spring marketing from a small business challenge into a small business win. Be sure to follow our tips and ideas to maximize the impact your emails have on your overall business growth this month.

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